The Picture

I have been wishing to compose a poem that would be as simple as I could complete this post with. I say complete because when I begin to write a poem it rarely ends as I intend it to be. I also often make it much more than what I wished it to be. Thus todays poem is far more simple than I have had in some time.

But I also wished that today’s poem would fit easy and revolve around a topic that so many have penned on with great success. I doubt that any of my writings would reach the standard that I hold as greats, whether one reads from Shakespeare or Dunne or any greats over time. BUT I kow this is not a bad start for this topic, that is LOVE.

It is wished that folks easily find that this poem is centered around a love that reached the deepest souls. Yet also a Love that spans oceans where a heart seeks to combine to find the ultimate goal, togetherness.

I do hope that you will enjoy this post and find this poem an entertainment or a useful read.

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The Picture

I see your picture in a card,
Imagine but it’s not that hard.
Placed in a bottle of hope alone,
Stuck for time, no sound but a moan.

Regardless of faith or creed,
Still you planted an ever growing seed.
A light that carries me through,
In a sea of storms love grew.

Your love will calm the storms,
No words will fill ever growing norms.
Nor spaces hold the radiance that glows,
My heart beat no longer slows.

Placing love in a pocket waiting for you,
Seated quietly without now I’m blue.
Paper boats can never last,
When you are far yet for now past.

Gazing at a wilted rose I fear,
You may never wander o’er here.
I wander through the garden and wait,
Still Standing listening at the gate.

Stroll on by and hear this cry,
May this yet see set to apply.
Break the cords that bind me here,
When the day set that you appear.

©  Pat Fitzgerald 2022

Thank you for reading this far, I hope that you have found this poem worth your visit. I strive to learn and constantly grow as a poet and develop with it to be the best that I can reach as a writer.

If you or anyone wishes to comment, I will welcome with an open heart. I merely ask that comments are made in a polite manner. This as always is to avoid any chance that one visitor is insulted by what is found here. Thus keeping this page as positive as it can be.

At times I publish before I discover all mistakes or typos and it often takes a little while before thay are found. Thus I am sorry for any such mistakes or typos and I assure all that all will be corrected and updated as soon as they are found.

This is where I finish for today and wish all well. Please take care, stay safe and where possible show a little love to some who are in need of a little loving care at this time.

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