Flower of Love

As with the previous poem, I have set the topic to be the theme of Love. To be more exact a poem where one declares undying love for their other. My problem is, this is where I am weakest in my view. I am working on striving to improve this area of my writing. To compose a poem that both shows undying love and an all too clear delcaration etc is an area I feel at weakest and thus my poems in this end will never reach standards I can hope to reach.

BUT yet I strive on and todays poem is one sample as it were of my working to improve. BUT as you may find in this finished poem, it is far below the dtandard and is lacking something or may have a little too much to allow it all to knit together with ease.

This is where I am placing this to readers AND most especially to fellow poets to provide a gentle critique of this poem OR basically where this goes wrong OR where I can work to improve.. Many thanks in advance.

Photo by Dario Fernandez Ruz on Pexels.com

Flower of Love

Flower of radiant love, 
Peacefully surrounding like a dove.
Your voice soothes the hidden pains,
Playboys here can make no gains.

Oh, flower of the desert,
With you my heart is forever alert,
Brighten the hardest days with ease,
From harsh weather you yet appease.

Flower of love from above enchant me,
Calm the storms of my inner sea. 
  And brings to see there is no one but you,
When apart I stand by feeling blue.

Through the history of my being,
There is no one worth seeing.
Who competes for my heart you find,
Alone without I’m feeling blind.

Walk by streams in a summer breeze,
When the bird song cause to freeze.
And listen to the song they sing for you,
Here I am stuck, clinging like glue.

Come near by my Flower of Love,
Ne’er to fly from me sweet dove.
When the thunder roars, all is calm, 
As strong winds blow I stay in your palm.

© Pat Fitzgerald 2022

Thank you for reaching this far in this post. I hope that at least some may help guide this poet in improving one area of his writing. BUT I aslo hope that you have found something within this poem to take away with you as an inspiration.

I strive to learn and improve as a poet as I continue. Which is way beyond that which I begun so many years ago, as a rebel who neither had style or form in any poem. BUT education helped me to change that and I also hope to improve in this field of a more love filled lines.

In finishing, I often publish posts with Mistakes or typos, which may not be spotted or discovered by me for some time. BUT rest assured I correct and update such posts as soon as I discover them.

Until next time, Please take care, stay safe and when possible show a little love to those in need of a loving guesture at this time.

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11 thoughts on “Flower of Love

  1. Your humility does you much credit.

    My own best advice would be to quote the words of Ursula LeGuin: “If you want to be a writer, write!”

    A thousand words a day ~ both rhymed and unrhymed ~ will loosen some of the more awakward rhymes right up.

    Lots of potential, lots of passion, commendable humility ~ don’t stop now, we need to hear your voice.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you,After spending quiet a number of years writing andhiding them away and losing them until I had enough belief to show others such writings. I will take such advice to heart. Thank you.


      1. Emily Dickinson actually died unpublished, having been a complete recluse all of her adult life, with over a thousand works tucked away in desk and bureau drawers. We know she corresponded with Emerson ~ I haven’t read those letters, but had he helped in any way her cousin wouldn’t have had to collect them afterward and shop them all over the publishing world before she finally got the job done.

        The history of the literary arts is full of works which were preserved not by their authors’ agency but by dedicated readers and/or outrageous coincidences.

        Stories of representative events in the latter genre may be accessed by typing in the words “Thoreau” and either “Twain” or “Clemens” (I can’t remember which I used) into this site’s search bar.

        Enjoy, and ~ enjoy 👍

        Liked by 1 person

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