Storm Day Musing

After a night in which Thunder storms moved through pretty much most of the country over night and a little part of the morning, I found myself caught up in a mind that wandered through its own storm of pointless words sentences etc. Thus is the starting point for todays poem.

I believe that one could write pretty much anything with a creative mind andanything else in terms of thoughts etc and find a result that would be a pretty fine creative writing. Todays poem is about such times when ones mind wandered through it’s minefield of a variety of thoughts, issues or pretty useless or otherwise idiotic thoughts.. All together helped to make todays poem.

I do hope that it finds itself in an entertaining piece of writing. But either way, the result is the same when one seeks to control a creative mind to come up with a poem that suits. Fail or succeed, I am certain that those who read this will have their own opinion on this. Please enjoy if you could.

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Storm Day Musing

Storms that light the night sky,
Appear different at noon I cry.
Who sings even brings solitude, 
To a party set to exclude or viewed.

Watching a swing sways in the wind,
I let thoughts wander as if skinned.
Like music yet to reach a composers pen.
Stormy days bring forth musings again.

Sail the past, the future and more,
Finds one in storms without an oar.
Pointless missions lost for time,
Aimless thoughts not worth the crime.

Strangers on the road helps to linger,
When none could ever more a finger.
Musing appear moving faster alive,
The penny drops but fails to thrive.

One last mission left for musing minds,
Spring to awaken like all in kinds.
Pointless words seeking refuge clear,
Thus my mind in days that seeks cheer.

© Pat Fitzgerald 2022

Thank you for taking time out to read this post. I hope that this visit has proven to be worth while. If you or anyone wish to comment, I welcome as usual, but ask that any comments are polite. This is to avoid any insult some may find within this page.

I also hope that this poem and the topics it brings has been a fruitful one. For me the writer it benefits as I receive a rather more settled mind in the end.

If you find any typos or mistakes in this post, I ask that you please forgive as I miss so many mistakes in publication. As usual I will correct and update as soon as I discover any, sometimes this may take a little time. I do hope folks can understand such and forgive..

Until next time please take care, stay safe and when possible show a little loving care to those i need of such.

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