Did You Ever

There are times when my mind wanders through what appears like fields of thoughts and endless questions. All seek to spend time filling space within an endless void, as it were. Whilst we live in a world that seeks to question where our brother or sister kind who wander roads that we view as wrong, we question and seek to bring torment upon them. Because they view different than we care to dream.

This is the basis of todays poem, a series of questions that could go on endlessly that seeks only to bring us to thought. Why we feel a need to squabble over deeds or thoughts that remain different to our own. Why do we not accept the difference and let them wander on by? Why do we as a people seeks to squabble because some believe other than we cared to believe?

This poem merly seeks to pose questions that helps us to think or ponder why we seek to cause a little grief for others? It is a method I am using to try point for our fellow being that we believe different but still remain the same. We walk a road that goes the same way, why not seek to help others go on by if they struggle. Why not help rather than fight? Please enoy this poem.

Photo by Olya Kobruseva on Pexels.com

Did you ever

Did you ever care to stand at the cross?
Or dared with nothing planned like a boss!
Beyond the mundane seeking ground,
Nothing discovered within the lost and found.

Did you ever seek to climb that hill?
The high ground climb worth the thrill.
Greener pastures may await whose fate!
Care to test the soil beyond the gate?

Care to run a mile in another’s shoes?
Yet walk through fields as nature snooze.
Beneath the lands where one toils his day,
Stroll on by asking why still worth your pay.

Did you question why man speaks yet dreams?
Of days that ne’er were yours, his streams.
Did you see the blind man struggle and walk?
No aid to guide his way no squawk!

In life’s long struggle we wander by together, 
No one cares to learn of the weather.
Walk not alone nor taunt their way,
Move as one whilst children play.

©  Pat Fitzgerald 2022

Thank you for taking time to read this post, I thank you for reaching this far into this piece and yet still remain. It is my hope that some will move from this post whith questions set within their hearts, even further I hope that some will discover answers from the same that shines bright for them. Such questions in life are methods to help us move further along lifes long road.

If you have a comment that you feel that you need to make, I welcome with an open heart. I accept even views that differs to my own. BUT I ask that any comments are made in a polite manner, such is asked to avoid any insult some will find when reading this post etc.

In finishing, please stay safe, take care of each other and try at times to spare more than a thought for those in need of a loving smile. Until next time.

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