Treasured Measures

After a couple of days filled with issues and journeys to veterinary practices, left us with little time in which to sit and post. This is my first time posting without my usual noisy little bird behind me seeking attention. After years of caring for some birds I never fail to grow attached to each, but this little one held a special place.

Life is what we have and I sit here witha poem that started out striving to set a tribute of sorts to a small feathered friend, who saw me through a few dark times. But in the end, the final product as it were is what you will find below. A flow of words that take a life of their own. Such is the case of a mind that wanders if left alone to flow free.

Although the intended tribute has not resulted as I wished. This is what we have, a poem that should create a few thoughts for folks. If for nothing else, but for the questioning of what was that about. Thus I let it to folks to decide for themselves what it is about.

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Treasured Measures

Sitting on yesterday looking back,
Asking when the time went smack.
Who knew your arresting way?
Ceaseless finding hearts once left in grey.

Catching time to fill this growing void,
Deprived of flight beyond the android.
My soul now a wasteland seen,
Here you stand sweet ever keen.

Friend of joy, stood close behind,
Spending oceans for one of a kind.
Below the horizon above the shale,
One wonders where you become so frail.

Spin the bottle then choose to dance,
Worthless thoughts set aside a trance.
Lost in seas of words breaking beats,
Wandering slowly down empty streets.

Stolen to walk misguided streams alone,
Windswept treasures left go a groan.
Why days of pleasures are no one’s treasures,
All recount now beyond all measures.

©  Pat Fitzgerald 2022

Thank you as always to those who have made it this far into this post. I do hope that you have found something that has made your visit worth while. I hope that some found something that makes it worth your time reading this.

Quiet often I publish with mistakes or typos and I ask for forgiveness for any that appear. I do correct and update the posts as soon as I find any. BUT still some may skip by wothout my finding any.

Until next time please stay safe and take care. As always please try to show a little loving care to those in need at this time.

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5 thoughts on “Treasured Measures

  1. Hi Pat. What a very lovely, sincere poem. So reflective of the hour we are living in. Time is flying. We need to catch ever good moment. ♥️

    Liked by 1 person

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