He Said

Have you ever sat back and try to interpret the words of a political leader? Yet still after what appears to be hours, you are no wiser, nor any closer to finding some form of understanding to their statements. This is the basic understanding one should take when reading todays poem. From reading first time, one should be left asking “What in the world?” kind of statements. I often find statements, remarks and often comments of political leaders to be more than a little short of basic understanding.

It appears at times political leaders look down on people as lacking the ability to comprehend, thus why make an effort. At least this is my take on political leaders, those having an air of grandeur or superiority when regarding the general population. This is where todays poem takes place as it were. Words and phrases may make sense, BUT outside it appears out of place. Basically At times nothing may make sense. But then again it may appear quiet reasonable to some.

Regardless I hope that folks will find this interesting and maybe some might find a piece of useful words etc within this poem. I hope that at the least folks will enjoy this piece of writing, that is taken from the caverns of a rather mistified mind. Here in ireland we do have at least one political leader that I find rather lacking a touch of catch up… I am trying to be polite and not cast insults BUT still find a place for creative writing in the midst of any mess..

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He Said

Definitely he said with a wink of an eye,
Finding the option where no one need apply.
Crashing a party but find none are about,
The system fails but blame it on a drought.

He said bang on the drum to find the beat,
Instead find the cost of the fare on the street.
Unreliable notes of a time in chaos deprives,
who yet can stand to ask of his wives.

Blame on thoughts words that flow with reason,
 He said things without finding a season.
Thus follow the wise or one such fool?
Claim your options for the reward a mule.

Spot the symbol engraved within still hidden,
Opposition can now be seen to be forbidden.
Democracy shines but for those who gain,
Many walk the hungry road in pain.

He said to listen but I slept through again,
Words of the wise outweigh the fool then.
Cry foul and explain in the cold rain,
When politics stink we stand and abstain.

©  Pat Fitzgerald 2022

Thank you for getting this far into this post. I do hope that this poem made some sense to you or at least you found some form of understanding in it. This is where one should enter a quote of a wise man. BUT I am neither wise enough nor standing in enough understanding to claim such a stance. Thus folks can have their own quote that fits here. If folks wish they can add them in a comment.

If anyone wishes to make a comment I welcome as per usual I only ask that such comments are made in a polite manner to avoid any insult some who pass through may find here. In other words I like things polite. Thank you in advance.

In finishing, if any typos or mistakes etc appear in this post or another I often miss out on such mistakes when publishing. BUT I do correct and update as soon as I discover them. Until next time please take care and stay safe.

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5 thoughts on “He Said

  1. It’s not only what is said, but what is not said, and when we understand human nature, often in the context of politics in the past (We can learn from other countries, history, and so forth.), we do understand the nature of those politicians (both the honest and the dishonest). They are always telling us who they are. We just have to listen and read between the lines. All the best.

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