Societies Dreams

After a few days away, I ended up spending time pondering on how society has changed. Or more so how people have changed within society both for positive and negative. The following poem should fit what I see of society in many ways. A mixed bag of everything, yet a whole lot where little makes clear sense in the end.

I tried to create a poem that seeks to make sense and yet result in little over all sense as it were. In a manner of speaking, a train of thoughts that flow, yet little tie together OR do they? In many ways it is up to the reader to find their own thread of thoughts within the poem. Even if it differs from that which I set out to develop here, the result that the reader fionds for themselves will take the spotlight as it were.

I do hope that folks do find a little something within this poem. Either way I pray that you enjoy that little attempt of creative writing within.

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Societies Dreams

Seeking sanctuary beyond storm clouds,
That gather yet search the crowds.
Where issues divide and many hide,
One sits comfort thus within his stride.

One seeks rain expecting sunshine dreams,
Thus stroll rivers edge expecting streams.
Cry for rains to fall, hide without sweat,
Walk through rain who fails to get wet?

Wander sunny shores awaiting rain,
Divided opinions expect none to gain.
Societies elevate and fail to clear, 
Expected norms who cares to cheer.

Rain filled valleys growth follows floods,
Droughts ends as rain filled studs.
Polished floors thus hide others tears,
Elevate feelings behind shields fears.

Blinded loyalty disguise moments truth,
Roses scent from cities in lost youth.
Results creep clear divide crystal sounds,
Burn bonfires bright light does rounds.

© Pat Fitzgerald 2022

Thank you for taking time to read this post. I see myself as a poet who seeks to learn and develop as I grow on in life. I hope that my writings eventually show a development and growth etc in style and how my poetry develops and results in the end. It is always my aim that those who take time to read my posts and poetry at the very least find enjoyment and come away with some form of gems of thought or pictures that helps brighten days as we move on in life.

If anyone wishes to make a comment I welcome, but as I always do I ask that folks post in a polite manner, this is to avoid any insult that some may find. This is to aid myself to provide as positive an experience as possible.

Sometimes I may publish posts with mistakes or typos that are corrected and updated. But sadly at times it takes longer for me to find any such mistakes. Thus I ask for forgiveness and understanding.

In finishing please stay safe, take care and when possible show a little love to those who may be in need of such love.

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    1. It is a question that many have thought about in recent years quiet a lot… Some technologies will still be of great benefit whilst others will be rather best without in my opinion.. especially considering the loss of certain childhood games that aided creativity and now on life support. etc

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