Would You?

Todays poem is one that seeks to ask a general question to your very soul, a question that I hope will be asked of your conscious mind. In the heat of lifes dispairand the roars of lifes troubles, Would You? Excluding the horrors that some are capable of carrying out, Would you?

Would you step beyond and aid one in need, if that person was a foe or an enemy of your lifes walk? Would you shelter from storms those who stood in opposition? Simple questions as it appears, BUT yet tough when it comes to the human mindset in these times. Would you provide aid to those who are in areas of life that you find insulting?

I admit that I myself may struggle greatly and with great distrust provide such. Yet it is a question that I feel should be asked. IF PUSH comes to shove would you come to the aid of one who stood opposed to you? Seeking to aid for humanities sake. I hope that this becomes a question that folks will understand and that IT ISNOT a question that asks when one has done huge horrors to you. BUT yet asks Would YOU?

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Would You?

When the missiles begin to fall,
Would you stand big and small.
When tongues of opposition accuse,
Should you lay about and snooze.

As innocence alone stands in pain,
Would you shelter from storms rain.
When your enemy crumbles at your feet,
Would you step beyond and seek to treat.

When the light of day soon subsides,
 And strong winds blow cold tides.
Would you shelter strangers by your fires,
Would you, could you with all that hires.

 If hunger strikes a fallen foe,
Would you feed yet shelter from the snow.
Could you step aside from anger,
And greet in peace or shelter from their avenger.

Would you dare to change that which burns,
As karma calls as all many quietly turns.
Can you greet the hand of he who harms,
Show loving peace beyond alarms?


©  Pat Fitzgerald  2022

Thank you for taking time out to read this post. I hope that it finds a home with you and seeks to pose a question of your inner self. A question that seeks to challenge when it in itself can make a change.

I have found in myself that at times I may be torn with those same questions and have provided same challenges. Can I over come the humanity taht is our anger, bitterness or even hatred or dislike? But I seek to also ask of folks BUT also remind I do not ask of those who have done such awful harms. Yet Could you? OR Would You?

In finishing please forgive any mistakes or typos that may appear in this post. As some do reach publication with such mistakes or typos included. BUT I do correct and update as soonas they are found. Yet not all are found straight off.

Until next time Take care and stay safe.

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7 thoughts on “Would You?

    1. I am certain many would be as you say.. We hesitate because we either fear or are not brave enough. I am in that same boat. But would like to think I would. BUT still a difficult question to ask. more to enable us to question ourselves in reality.


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