Photography at Muckross House

It has been a while since I published some Photography. But as some may see my photography is more one of playing about with settings and a variety of photographic styles etc. Basically speaking I have been playing about with photography, in an area that we knew reasonably well and wanted to take shots that would not normally fit within the box that would be our normal routine as it were.

What you will find here is photography that tried to capture someting a little different and in other ways being creative. I hope that folks vsiting here will enjoy this version of creative work. Out of the shots taken those found below made the cut as it were.

All shots were taken in the grounds of Muckross House and Gardens and also Killarney National Park in Killarney County Kerry Ireland.

My personal photography is not professional in my opinion , but are photography works many of which are used with a creative element. All shots here are subject to copyrite rules and laws etc.

Thank you for taking time to view these shots. until next time please take care and stay safe.

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4 thoughts on “Photography at Muckross House

  1. Did you notice that the first picture k row give, you can see a face? It’s very cool. May o use it on my blog sometime? I would, of course, reference you as the photographer with a link.


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    1. I was struggling with some writing when I spotted your comment and you had me curious… looking through the photographs and the only one which showed a face was one I edited to appear B/W but had color set low to give it the effect it had.. BUT definately a face in the clouds was eye catching. It would be a pleasure to have the photograph you got in mind used in your blog post..


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