There are times when no cover story will be enough to explain what the poem within is about or related to. In this case, such is not a situation or poem that has a cover story will explain. In this case I began with words or thoughts given from songs in the past few days, that gave enough food in which to write on.

However at times I feel that no explaination will do justice to provide explaination as to the reason behind this poem or a few words that help to understand the poem. BUT on this occasion this poem is one that the reader will find for themselves. Sometimes a word or a few words provide enough to result in the final product that is the poem as you find today.

If you find something within this poem worthwhile taking away, then I am delighted, because it has been written for creative reasons alone. Thus anything that folks find I will be honestly delighted. Please enjoy.

Mountain Steam at Gougane Barra Forrest Park


I washed my feet in the Water,
Despite the deeds no slaughter.
Graceful heights define days,
That sing to set hearts ablaze.

I washed my hands in the river,
Where all appeared to be a giver.
Cheerful hearts combine and entwine,
Yet see still, all will be just fine.

I washed my face in the lakes,
In places where no one takes.
Standing firm amongst the rocks,
Whilst all are safe upon the docks.

I washed each in the sands,
It did not work, nor for bands.
Altered ego blinded delight tonight,
Most would try with all their might.

I washed my heart with the word,
When all would see even a bird.
Tested twice to more embrace again,
Many tried but were caught to strain.

©  Pat Fitzgerald 2022

Thank you for taking a little time to read this post. It is my hope that some wil have found even as little as some entertainment from this poem. If you leave with a thread of thought, then I will be happy once it is in a positive light. If you have a comment that you feel that you should make, I welcome such with an open heart. I only ask that folks who comment do so in a polite manner, this is to avoid any insult that some may find within the words.

In publishing this post, I may as I have on occasions, published with mistakes or typos still in the post. I correct and update as soon as I discover any. Sometimes it takes a little time. BUT please forgive any mistakes. Until next time please take care, stay safe and try when possible to show a little loving care to someone who may be in need of a little love at this time.

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