Sonnet of Home

I have been playing about with a certain thought for quiet a long time, that is to compose something worthy that speaks of my home town and still find it worth reading. For those who know, Irish names are more than a mouth full as we say, Certain words will find difficulty in finding rhyme or even comfort in reading amongst those who are from other areas not of this island.

Today I stepped up and begun one such composition and finished one sonnet that mentions where I grew up without mentioning it by name. In fact no names are mentioned therefore flow should be easy enough in that respect. Living close to a city for so long now, I find myself missing the country town life and the life of living in an area that holds rich memories for me. It is something that may never find reality BUT it is an area that I love and am proud to say I am of that town.

I hope in the future to write more that fits that which i am comfortable with, also that fits with the vision I have for it. But what suits me may not be that which others will like. BUT yet again it is a vision this one poet wished to mark for the history of where I come from. A town that has had a few who left their marks in this world and some are imortalised in for their works.

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Sonnet of Home Sleeping beneath the city lights, Thoughts always return to the sights. Where the hills roll east to west, There a home that one feels blessed. Take me north towards that land, When days of my youth not planned. Seized me on a journey through the years, Much would change even some tears. Wandering to school reluctant bright, Seeing life from young eyes white. Speech stumbling wandering through, Children played yet still we grew. Strolling through town wishing to see, Familiar faces that filled those days free. © Pat Fitzgerald 2022

Thank you for taking a little time in reading this post. I hope that you found a little something in which to take away with you as at least an anjoyment. If you feel that you have a comment that you feel that you should make , I elcome it with an open heart. I just ask as I do every time that any post in done in a polite manner, thus to avoid any insult that some may find within such words.

This poem above is meant as a little tribute to my home area,which I felt necessary to do so in a way yet not mentioning names that only those who have been here or know how they are spoken will understand. I do hope that this proves to be a useful method and thus this poem finds its home in the writings of one proud of where he comes from.

Before I end this post, I must point out that I often publish with mistakes or typos included, not intentionally but they do find their way through. Therefore if any typos or mistakes are found, I will correct and update as soon as I discover them. I am sorry in advance etc for and such mistakes should they ocur. Until next time please take care, stay safe and when possible please show a litle love to those in your area who may be in need of a little loving care at this time.

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