On occasions I begin to write with the intention and desire to go along a preset plan and route, But when writing the finished product results in something that is further away from goal than ever thought possible. Such is the case in todays poem, my origional path and topic changed in writing and the result is what you will see here. NOT what I wanted to end up with, but still it carries something that I am certain that some here will find a little food for thought here.

In a number of countries people are taking to streets to survive, struggle for a change in direction from what they believe will be the demise of their way of life etc. This is where todays poem has ended up at. Humanity appears to have forgotten some of its brightest lights, caring for each other, helping others reach the goals end. But in todays society we fail in caring for those about us, we fail to see those who struggle are hurting more than we care to see. Yet fight to overcome.

This is where todays poem has finished at. I do hope that folks find a little something that makes the visit worthwhile. Please enjoy this poem.

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Logic dictates how beyond,
Reason to play or respond.
Childhood games settled again,
Children stay home unaware when.

Recoil the spring that blinds,
Social cries carries yet reminds.
Foxes in the hen house locked,
Chickens wandered by and rocked.

Deflected vision still the same,
Party called but no one came.
Raise the cost but shifting sand,
Pacify a last resort sell a brand.

Control the herd unnoticed here,
Spoil a broth like all looks clear.
Labels that ne’er breach the sphere,
Upright stance yet shed no tear.

Raise the tide mankind hides,
Free hearts combine on all sides.
Breach the barrier latent desires,
Battle weary march until all expires.

©  Pat Fitzgerald 2022 

Thank you for taking time to read this post, I hope that some have found something that proves to be a gem or food for thought. Hunmanity needs to awaken itself at times from its self imposed slumber and again care for those about.

If you have a comment that you feel that you need top make, I welcome same with an open heart. BUt as I do at all times I ask but one thing, that you do so in a polite manner. This is to avoid any possible insult that some may find while visiting this site.

On occasions I post with mistakes and typos in post, I ask for forgiveness for this. I correct and update as soon as I discover any. Some pass me by before I update, thus will be corrected when discovered. Until next time please take care and stay safe.

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