Knit in Time

Never being one to survive with comfort in such heat as we have experienced, I struggled to find moments of comfort in which to write. Finally a few moments has seen me sitting here to compose this post. Thus I hope that it is beneficial and the end result is worth this little journey.

This little poem is written with a certain picture in ind, Imagine as you will a property that once almost glowed in pride, but now stands abandoned and overgrown, left for nature to reclaim, if only for a time. This is the setting for todays poem, a little experiment of mine to compose from a picture of non existence and yet is found in most towns and cities throughout the world.

Nothing much else could be written to do justice and make it more inviting. But for me to say Please Enjoy. I await to read of the pictures it helps create IF ANY.

The Gap of Dunloe County Kerry Ireland

Knit in Time

Concealing the entrance bushes grew,
A nearby pond glittered but few knew.
How time now hid this from existence,
But yet few could ever go the distance.

Remnants of the once vibrant life remains,
Yet none noticed the wild nature in veins.
Captured as if for a moment embracing,
The ghost of times hand print left tracing.

Litter filled the pond mixed with vegetation,
Forming a chain as nature advanced station.
Beneath the dust here life continued at ease,
A city of unseen creatures strived, who sees?

Stretch it beyond the visible eye complete,
Sketch it to capture histories moment neat.
A tree in the corner appeared to invite,
The singing of birds broke the stilled quiet.

Find a moment embrace where time,
Stands alone within the capsule crime.
Nature takes where man stalls to quit,
Here you find both have come to knit.

©  Pat Fitzgerald 2022  

Thank you for taking time to read this little post. I hope that my little experiment as it were has worked and still amongst all of this you go away with an image of life that continues just as nature reclaims what is left behind.

If you have a comment that you feel that you should make, I welcome with an open heart. Only to ask as I do every time, That you do so politely, only to avoid any possible insult that folks may find in words that is written.

In fionishing, I often post with Mistakes and typos visable, of which I correct and update as soon as I discover them OR have been made known to me. Therefore please forgive any such mistakes. Until next time, Please take care and where possible show a little love and care to those who may be in need of such.

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