Morning Musings

Over the past couple of days I have been working on todays poem, which was interrupted by issues outside of what brings this poem. Thus the delay in even publishing any post. At times we are consumed by issues that take up our time and in itself eats up any available time we had set aside.

Todays poem seeks to paint a picture of a random summer morning in the countryside. There is no hidden topic or issue that lays beneath words waiting to be found. BUT sorry for this one, It is merely a poem that tries to set a picture, before that morning first coffee that awakens a mind into action as it were.

Often I find myself consumed by words etc that flow endless until te forst taste of coffee brings order in a way.

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Morning Musings

Spontaneous decisions widespread,
Standing on rocky ground plays ahead.
Water boiling on the stove adds music now,
Where quietness once dominated to allow.

Dancing on glass thus it appears upright,
Setting the world, but for a moment alight.
The bird song multiplies adding to sounds,
An orchestra resounding about no grounds.

Destructive thoughts causes to analyse,
Where this mornings musings begun to arise.
Warmth of the summer sun added to wandering,
Of a mind now consumed by all about pondering.

The aroma of coffee now filled the room,
Combined with the scent of roses in bloom.
An opened window nearby became a fixture,
Thus combine to create a morning picture.

Slowly drinking coffee I wandered about,
In itself slowly awakening a mind no doubt.
Standing at an open door I awoke myself,
This day dream rested in my minds shelf.

© Pat Fitzgerald 2022

Thank you for getting this far into this post. I hope that it has proven to be worth while and thus provides a picture or thoughts that takes you away filled with something positive. If you have a comment that you feel that you should make, I welcome with an open heart . I only ask that any comment are done win a polite manner, this is to avoid any insult that may be had by some as they wander through.

In publishing this post, I often miss any mistakes or typos and thus ends up with mistakes and all. I assure folks that I correct and update as soonas any mistakes or typos are discovered. SO please forgive for any mistakes etc.

In finsihing Please take care and stay safe. Where possible try to show a little love to those who are in need of such loving care. Positive loving care helps.

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3 thoughts on “Morning Musings

  1. Hi Pat, Seems I’ve run through the posts you’ve put up on the archives. Do you have older writings that you haven’t posted on WP from the past, I’m hoping! Deeply appreciative of you making your archive available, My Friend! 😁👍✨✨

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hi, I can look about again.. But sadly I lost quiet a few years work some time back (when I say lost They were destroyed on a PC disk that gave up its ghost..) . Thus my starting as it were afresh in a ways. BUT I can look again and see what is left.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Thanks, My Friend! I really appreciate you checking as I love to read and share your writing! Wow! So sorry to hear about your PC crash!
        I highly recommend an external hard drive so that doesn’t happen again or storage in the cloud. I think Google offers some kind of cloud storage for free??

        Liked by 2 people

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