Song of my Heart

Greeting, no words I feel are enough to describe this poem.  
But for me to let it flow here without explaination or reason why..

Song of My Heart 

Call clearly to the song of my heart
 Does it answer from the debts of despair.
 Would you hear the cry that remains a part
 The silent unseen song of None will care .
 The tightening noose strangles the ill-chosen,
 Yet can you hear the song of my heart
 That split the inner musing by the dozen,
 Listen to the lark call to keep me apart.
 Hear him call beyond the cries in the wind
 The song that calls from beyond the Dawn.
 The demons song that appears to sings in kind,
 Calling from the darkened shore like the fawn.
 Can you hear the song of my heart, that of Oizys.
 Feel Fear, anguish and Misery dance with delight. 

© Pat Fitzgerald 2020

Until next time, in times of darkness Look at the light that beams from the brightness of your being. Do not let darkness overtake the brightness.. For where light is Darkness cannot prevail.

Thank you for taking time to read this.. Until next time Please stay safe.

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