Blessings of The Season

Greeting folks, I wish to thank one and all for bringing all kinds of support to this little blog and this little corner of Insanity that is often my mind.

To Those who struggle at this time, I wish you peace of mind and encouragement for the year ahead.

To those who Mourn I wish you strength to hold to precious memories and strength to walk through life holding to such beautiful memories.

To those who find themselves in the tunnel of darkness that is Depression, anxiety or any other mental health issues. I Wish for you to find the strength to break through those walls that keep you entwined inside the darkness of mental health struggles.

To those who find themselves at the end of their ropes as it were. I wish for you to find the strength and encouragement to keep moving on until you find the path that takes you to a brighter and more blessed day.

To those who are lonely at this time I wish for you to find the comfort of connection with someone that will fill the void in your loneliness.

To all others I wish for you all the Joy, Peace and Love this season and all the blessing and fruitfulness in the year to come. In fact I wish this same for all.

So many feel hurt or depressed and lonely. The list goes on and on. BUT much blessing to all. I hope that you find encouragement and blessing this season and coming year. Whether you are one who does not believe all the media tells us OR are. NOT a believer of ALL the media informs us, I wish you ALL a blessed and very happy Christmas time and a Very blessed and Fulfilled new year.

Thank you for your support on my journey in this blog.. Until next time Stay safe.

2 thoughts on “Blessings of The Season

  1. Thank you, Given the current sitruations we had as good a time as it were possible. with a daughter living outside of our lockdown limit, it was nice for all to be together for a couple of days. I hope all was well and enjoyable with you also.


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