Greetings, Below is a poem that I cannot rank amongst my best, 
BUT it carries thoughts that the reader or readers may find. 
Yet again One may not find much...

 Inspiration comes from within yourself. One has to be positive. When you're positive, good things happen.
 Deep Roy 

 Still silent nights wakened a thought
 That sweeps me to lands long gone by
 Abide in caverns hidden which sought
 To kill the demon that dwelt a stilled cry.

 Caring caress that binds the inner being
 Who hides from the darkened world outside.
 Break the mould that has one clear seeing,
 Take a moments silence to where we abide.
 Losing lost in worlds uncaring repose
 Seeking to find the streams that Waters.
 Finding riverbeds dried for years I suppose,
 Yet seeking the endangered soul it flatters.
 To whence does one stray to hold a Moment
 A repose that brightens the darkness.  

©Pat Fitzgerald 2020

I do not have very much to say other than I hope someone found a little something in this. Until next time Please stay safe…

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