Changes Incoming

Hi, I hope this finds you all well or as well as one can be. This is a post that is different from others I have done. In fact this is a Post to notify that I am working on upgrading the Blog and the overall appearance of the site as far as this blog is concerned.

To date I have been operating on a free setup with no costs included. I will be upgrading to one of the paid plans, which will have a lot more benefits for all. Includng the domain name change or adjustment which will have to happen. I hope this will have little or no effect on folks visiting and I hope that it will continue to both help improve everything from my side as well as how it appears from you side.

This should take place in the coming days OR at least work on this side will begin to have effect. I do hope this does not hinder folks visiting or reading my writings etc. Until next time Please take care and I hope to see all when changes take effect.

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