New Look

Hi and Welcome to the new look set up. I have decided to upgrade my account and site to Premium and this means that I can subsidise the account and site via what little income from Advert income. ie, when One clicks on the adverts what little income That is earned from that will help keep this afloat.

At least that is my aim, I will strive to add a few more details as I have them set up. But for now any adverts you see on site here are aimed to try generate a little income to help the site on this end. This will all be on voluntary basis and no one will be expected to do anything against their will.

But I do ask that you click on any advert that appears on site just to provide a few pennies to keeping this ship afloat. It will aid me to concebtrate on my writing a little better or so I hope.

I would like to thank My younger daughter Lizzie for her ever so hard work on this redesign, without her I would never have got this to this stage. Please think about paying her Blog a visit as a thank you from me Lizzie’s Life. I appreciate her help and also yours for taking time to read this blog and in visiting her page.

Also please click on an advert and help keep this afloat. Thank you and Please tell me what you think of the new Look. It should help in making it better in the future.

Until next time Please stay safe.

I welcome any Donation that will go towards the upkeep of this blog, I will never ask OR Insist on a Donation, BUT If you decide to donate however Little it is Please visit the following Link: Donation Here Thank You.

I also ask that you click on the adverts as they help provide a little income towards upkeep. again Thank You.

If you are Not a part of The WordPress community please Consider joining by going to This Link.

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