Two Poems

Hi folks, Following days that appear endless with little inspiration for poetry I come to a point where I share Not one BUT Two.

As always your feedback and evencoments on how you feel they could improve are always welcome. Just be kind with words. I am playing about using some humour as it were. BUT I do welcome any comments and Feedeback both on the writing and how it could be improved.

 Following footprints in the snow
 Leading me to your distant door.
 Where you were I did not know  
 I wander on to that distant shore.
 Seeking soft footprints in the rain
 That leads me to your side.
 But all I see flows down the drain
 Like the love I try to hide.

 Finding footprints in the sand
 Leading on to you once more
 Prints washed by tides hand
 Hiding you from my own shore.
 No more Footprints to follow by
 Lost for times everlasting tide. 

©Pat Fitzgerald 2021


 The Ghost
 Asking always why you there abide?
 Within shores unseen naked eyes.
 Knowing not why you still will hide
 From forever one who never spies.
 Glowing greatly within your limit bright
 Safe from hands that seek to steal
 Your beauty for their own desire right!
 Your guarded self safe as though a meal.
 Safely sleeping as a little babe at night
 I see you lay as though at peace
 Freed of revolutions ear I see is right
 But you still haunt as one could Lease.
 Keeping still, wandering silently through the night.
 You remain the Ghost that n’er will cease. 

©Pat Fitzgerald 2021

Thank you for taking time to visit. I welcome any and all coments and I hope they will eventually help me grow as a poet, writer etc. Please forgive anylittle mistakes etc that may appear, I am still getting things to run smoother.

Until next time please stay safe.

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