Greetings, My latest poem captures what I see within a democratic society. rather than print words explaining in full my feelings I have pinted in Verse, in a poem, so that readers can find for themselves a view that may be sole as it were But true to one voice.


Walking wildly through streets now cold
Following tracks long worn through.
Autumns leaves begin to fall so bold
A seasons change feeling a little rough.


Crying Crystals that appear so bold
Shackled to deeds that lead the demise.
Elderly left to tend their gardens cold,
Ring the change or lose the race, surprise.


Feely Feeble wander blind without cost,
where leaders lord it calmly by.
Forgotten ones seen to flight soon lost,
Standing by we failed to see, No cry?


Society Silly through fear for self
Forget those needy suited to live.


©Pat fitzgerald 2020


Thank you for taking time to vist, Until next time, Please stay safe.




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