ReWorking Old Poetry

Over the past few days I have been going through some Poetry I had written some years ago. Some of which I have begun to rework and place in a form and style that I would be satisfied with.

The poem below is one of those poems. Which was originally written to compare what people often see as Nature and Mankind. The rework is keeping the intention to a little degree. But the Poetic form is what I am more happy with today.

 As the sun struggles to break through,
 The last remaining rain clouds,
 I wander through lonely paths I knew.
 Pondering on her beauty in Crowds.
 Opposed to the devices of man,
 Wrecking and tearing at the weak,
 His violence seen each with no plan,
 Without reprieve being just a peak. 

 Man’s violence exposed once more,
 Against her gentle peaceful touch.
 She too can be cruel hard to the core,
 the Violent ways of man show too much.
 As the soft slushy mud breaks the silence,
 My thoughts returned to unceasing rains.
 Puddles begin to form as if in defiance, 
Like a long forgotten deed in broken chains.

© Pat Fitzgerald 2021

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