Cupid’s Fire

We live in a time when all we do and live by is pretty ,uch determined by what the media decides to place before us. This can be seen with Valentines day, No matter what one’s belief may be or what any person decides to believe, so much of it is determined by influence from media. For so long we are painted an image where Valentines day is a day for love etc… If this were the case, then what of the other remaining days of the year? Follow my thoughts as it were, If love was for one day per year or is reserved for whatever purpose for this time, or was for purposes of commersialisation, then we must still ask, what of the remaining days of the year?

Then one must consider the cultures that are in society, and fabled figures that represent Love. Are they extinct? Or must we consider them likewise? OR do we consider them all one and the same. Thus with that point Cupid, Aphrodite , Eros /Cupid or in Celtic Mythology, Aine (a Celtic goddess of love), Cliodhna (Irish goddess, sometimes identified as a goddess of love and beauty). And thus the list will grow and grow as you go through the various cultures. Then we come to Valentine a 3rd century Roman saint. Of whom we associate with or as a Saint of Love..

My reason for bringing all these for considering is simple, Who should you decide to believe? Do we follow the so called norm and use that one day to display to one we care for? OR do we dare to differ and use any day we are blessed with and use whatever we have before us to display love to one whom we care for> Who or what do we decide to believe? This is the very basis and question one should come away with when reading todays poem.

Below you will see a sonnet that although some may not view or rate it very highly. BUT it poses a question, Do you follow the streams of so called norms? OR do you dare to dream and differ? Do you keep love for that which is painted in towards us for generations? Or do we move along a path that may now be rather less populated than what is seen in norms. Much like all of my poetry It seeks to have the reader question, reason and enquire of themselves, rather than dictate.

Please enjoy ..

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Cupid’s Fire 

One step from death Loves flame lights yet builds hope,
Designed eternal cords that binds loves slope.
Eager lovers await a prescribed start,
Blind travels begin poetic loves dart.

Two hearts await fate embroidered no hate,
Too late as roads cross destiny feels great.
Stars align and cupid sits but whose deal,
Spin the wheel cast the dart but which was real?

Stars on fire set for lovers eager kiss,
Blind beyond foretold wise men degree miss.
Shadowed by fabled loves time Valentine,
Read the sign tied with twine not all drinks wine.

Smell the smoke from loves fire fuel by desire.
Valentine sat it out with Cupids fire.

©  Pat Fitzgerald 2023

Thank you for reading this post, I am thankfull for all who take time out to read my posts. If you or anyone wishes to coment on this or any post, I welcome with an open heart. My only request is that all comments are in a polite manner. This is to avoid any insult some may find and also my hope to provide as positive an environment as possible.

As I publish posts, mistakes and typos also make their way onto the published post. This is not on purpose bur regardless I correct and update said posts the moment I discover such mistakes or typos. My thanks for your understanding on this.

Much as is the case in my writings, the aim is not to state that “A” is the case (when A is any topic which is a subject on my poetry) which one moves forward. BUT it is a hope that it brings forward a chance to discuss, consider or debate with ourselves or whomever. Such is my hope in any of my writings.

In finishing Please stay safe, keep well and when possible show a little loving care to one in society who may be in need of such loving care. One positive display ofloving care is a positive step onward in our walk in life.

Until next time Slainte (Cheers)

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2 thoughts on “Cupid’s Fire

  1. 💜 Same goes for Birthdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, Easter or any other festive celebrations in any culture EveryOne; for Many of Us Old Habits ARE, indeed, Hard to Break EveryBody

    nisi mortuus nec neque nolite vicit 🤭🤫🤐


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