Ivory Towers

Today as rain again settled on falling over us here again, I sat to write a little poetry. BUT as on occasions before, I had no set topic in which to write on. Thus I began writing to see where this little journey of creating a little poetry would land upon. Below is the end result, but the topic may be more than one area of life rather than the singular tale it may show.

As the title suggest, an Ivory Tower suggests one issue as in seperation from the world as it were. Where also it may be seen of those who view themselves as above or beyond anyone of issue. BUT I also link it in attitude to how we look upon certain issues or people in general. Thus in a manner of speaking an ivory tower can exist in how we live our lives and also how we view issues or people in life.

Having explained my view on an Ivory tower, Todays poem does not view an ivory tower in a very positive light. But it seeks to bring to question why the tower exist there? Maybe for some it is a means of coping or existoing in a world that has been most horrible to them. Yet some have used it for other means.

BUT I let it for you the reader to decide for yourself to answer any questions or even pose questions that may arise. The poem brings issues forward for the readers to chew upon and decide in time.

BUT in the end, poetry is to be enjoyed. Thus Please enjoy!

Photo by ROMAN ODINTSOV on Pexels.com

Ivory Towers

Floating numbers above the catacombs,
Register the effect on stately homes.
Required reports soon missing in action,
Battle begins as lines are attraction.

Below the line poverty sanctions life,
Where the hat laid confined where homeless strife,
Struggling the tides of existence free,
For the lord defines worthless ne’er agree.

The ivory tower stands all can see,
As jewels decorate for guests at three.
No scraps for dogs lords declare empty bogs,
Stability motions free more backlogs.

A rose tattoo covers battle worn scars,
Night crawling victim mental health yet stars.
Whilst party continues through to day light,
Ivory tower rocks for some alright.

Shared glory, shared faces, yet roll the dice,
For Ivory towers exemption trice.
Defence stands on uneven ground thus stand,
Battle hardened lives has no knives at hand.

© Pat Fitzgerald 2023

Thank you for reaching this far into this post, I am over joyed to note that so many read my poetry. Even if much of my poetry are experiments that find their way into tis blog. If you or anyone has any coments that you wish to make, I welcome with an open heart. My only request is that coments are made in a polite manner, to avoid any insult some may find and also to try keep with as positive a page as possible.

On occasions typos and mistakes find their way onto the published post, this is not on purpose but they do pass by my noticing them more than I would like to happen. Yet I correct and update as soon as I discover any such mistakes and typos. My thanks for understanding that such things do happen.

Before finishing, please take care, stay safe and where possibly show a little lopving care to those in society who may be in need of a little light in their lives today. Thus be that little spark of light to someone.

Until next time Sláinte (on a little side note: Sláinte is a Gaelic word. to my knowledge Both Scots Gaelic and Irish both use this term. Which means Good Health. it is mostly used as a form of toast when drinking etc.. Pronounced

English: CheersIrish: slainte/ˈslɑːntʃə/ SLAHN-chə
All this info has been posted with thanks to wikipedia for the wording etc… I needed to expplain this owrd so folks understand it as I finish a post here.

Until next time Sláinte

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