As I have discovered many times when sitting down to compose a little poetry, the topic I had in mind to use in the creation never makes it into the poem at all. In fact the poem often takes a turn well away from the path that was intended for the piece in creation. In other words I started out today with a topic I had in mind for a poem never made it to the creation phase of the poem as it were and the poem went well away from where I wanted it to be.

BUT yet this is how poetry often lands us, So often I write what I call “Soical Topics Poetry or Social Poetry” These are poems that have a topic of topics hidden within that strike out for what I wish for the reader to find and chew over. These take a wide range of issues and areas and often without limits.

On a side note I have thought about placing such poetry under that section on the blog, but I have not gotten than far yet.

Todays poem is one such Social Poem, I have worked on hiding the issue and points behind words and phrases as much as possible, thus striving to make the poem more pleasurable as it were on the forefront, whilst the under current has a message that I believe quiet strongly about. But I am never one to push what I believe as how a person should see and believe. Yet I let it known what I believe.

I had it in mind not to mention what the actual hidden under current topic is. BUT I am going to speak of it briefly here. This poem speaks of what Media and politicians are all too familiar with, that of Distraction. Where one uses a distraction to keep viewers eyes on one hand whilst the other hand carries out the real issue in mind. A cover story that istracts majority of eyes causes curiosity within me because 90% of the time that itself is a distraction from the real issues.

Having said all of that Please enjoy this poem.

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The wind blows beyond the wall no one knows,
A shadowed impact contrast outside lows.
The rain that beats against the window pain,
Springs a tune within that repeats again.

Distraction a key that craves attention,
Where curiosity e’er finds tension.
Behind tree lined cover tales speak no lies.
Thus eyes fail to conceal the long lost prize.

Blinded by the sheltered light beyond right,
Who disguised sunlight says the living night?
Cover the ground to find the signs yet blind,
Behind the banner lost in sight and mind.

Under cover costumes found cheap beneath,
Lions in the jungle yet lost without teeth.
With a store house full thus scatter the crows,
Ignorance blinds eyes despite those knows shows.

Words hide a tale beyond the pale long lost,
Where roads crossed rivers toads count every cost.
Beyond the signals sent clear blind from sight,
Yet hidden songs unheard sound bells just right.

© Pat Fitzgerald 2023

Thank you for reading this far into this post. It is always most important to me that folks read and enjoy my poetry. If you or anyone wishes to make a comment I welcome with an open heart, but ask that any comment is in a polite manner. This is to avoid any insult being found by some who may pass through these pages. Also it helps to keep as positive a page as I can have.

There are many occasions in which mistakes and typos make it onto published posts. This is not on purpose but still mistakes do find their way onto published posts. BUT rest assured I correct and update all mistakes and typos the moment I discover any. Sometimes I do miss some, BUT I beg forgiveness from all on this issue.

In finishing Please stay safe and take care, Also when possible show a little loving care to those in society who may be in need of a little loving care. Such little positive steps in society does a lot to create a more positive and helpful society.

Until next time Take Care Sláinte.

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