Distracted Again

When thinking over what was intended for my last post, I ended up composing a little poem that should send the message of what it should have been and thus brought it more to light. For the record I called the last post and poem Curiosity, But when reading through that poem one could have seen that much had more to do with distraction than being curious. But yet, Whilst our humanity brings us through many trials and laughs. Often a little distraction is what is needed and desired. When it comes to anxiety such distraction can be important to getting through a situation or time.

If a distraction takes us from that which we desire to see or do, then that distraction can be limiting and thus a stumbling block to a thing we may yet desire. How many have paid for a show and spent the enitre duration on a phone browsing social media? Thus the phone and browsing becomes a distraction for something you desired to see. Then on another side of the coin as it were, a government, team or management may use one instant to distract from a more important issue at hand. Then the distraction is itself more important to discover.

My message being simple in a way, or so I try to say, There are times when distraction is required and needed, BUT a stumbling block and a hinderance when it gets in the way of some greater goal. Sometimes we need to reset a distraction and walk through a moment without such distractions. Maybe such distractions may be a nesessity in an aftermat rather than before.

But on a side note could curiosity and Distraction be related? On certain situations that may be the case.

Having said that, please enjoy this poem, which may not reach a level I prefer BUT it does have a message. Do enjoy!

Photo by Roman Pohorecki on Pexels.com

Distracted Again

Grasping for apples but distracted here,
Reaching for lemons and have a free beer.
Misguided by sights which lights your eyes again,
More than words hides what the left holds, abstain.

Bushes disguised as boulders, can that be?
Occupy the mind sidetrack thoughts, agree?
Pencilled for two slate for eight one sees more,
No chore can hide the time before encore.

Intend to smell the roses yet pass by,
When their death is nigh, why stop or yet sigh.
Boost the signal, cry, teleport, ask why!
See a show, browse a phone, miss the bad guy!

Distract judges fast who then saw the sin,
Time to shine may pass waiting to begin.
 Avoid a show missing love glide above,
A stitch saves lots when stacking pots, kind of!

No time to view when tides return again,
Wrong time zeros looking for hero's plain.
Seasons end declares renew subscription,
Decide truth return senders read subscript.

©  Pat Fitzgerald 2023

Thank you for reading this far into one of my posts. I am honoured to know so many read my poetry and thoughts. If anyone wishes to post a comment I welcome with an open heart and mind. BUT I ask as I always do, that any and all comments are in a polite manner. This is to avoid causing insult to some who may pass by and visit thus finding insult at something.

On occasions when I publish a post, Mistakes and typos often make their way onto finished posts. Rest assured I correct and update posts as soon as I discover any such mistake and typos I correct and update such a post. It may often take a little time before I discover such mistakes etc, but corrections will be made when found.

Before finishing, please stay safe and take care, also show a little loving care to those in society that may be in need of a little loving care. A little positive input in society starts somewhere, thus let it start with you.

Until Next time Sláinte

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