Seven Days ‘Till Dawn

A couple of days ago, I set about composing a poem with a set topic in mind. To be more exact, a poem with one line in mind as a topic. I have always felt lacking when it comes tonaming poetry that I compose.

The Title as you can see is “Seven Days ‘Till Dawn”. This has nothing to do with Lunar cycles or anyother scientific explaination.But more to do with the absence of a love, an occasion where one love has to be apart from the other for a period of time. Where the heart pines for the source of heartbeat that is the love , the hearts desire and reason for existance. Hence as time passes, seven days until the lovers unite again and thus the narrator whom is one love waits still watching the clock tick by.

Thus as the day draws near and seven days now remain for their reunion, he cries out “Seven Days ’till dawn” then the night time of their being apart will be at an end and dawn will rise in lonely hearts that pine for each other again.

Above you see the best possible way I can explain todays poem. It is a poem of love and a poem that has one wish for time to move faster so he again can reunite with his love, as a heart cannot beat without the source of its heart beat, or so he views it.

Having said that please enjoy.

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Seven Days ‘Till Dawn

Always sitting here, seven days ‘till dawn,
An aching heart pines nowhere can be drawn.
A song silenced by your absence now lost,
Regardless the cost yet feeling still tossed.

Spinning bottles breaking silence still blue,
Playing the losing game again on queue.
Bridging between light and dark loves lost battle,
Seems like Seven years ‘till dawn I rattle.

Oh heartbeat, life’s fire, undying loves flame,
Like an eternity left feeling lame.
Your touch absent for now, sands slip slow now,
Return home my desired fire heed your vow.

As I linger here heart cut deeper still,
Bottles lay empty and barrel now will
Numb emptiness felt when you had to go,
Oh, heart cry of empty home, time goes slow.

Eager still I wait as that day comes soon,
Mind wanders ‘till noon strive to lift a spoon.
Seven seconds ‘till noon, still I can wait,
Seven days ‘till dawn, to lose this last weight.

©  Pat Fitzgerald 2023 

Thank you for reading this far into this post, I am always beyond greatfull that people read my posts. Today’s poem is one of which I have wanted to improve on and make it appear as one folks will be eager to read through and enjoy. It is also a way of working on creating a poem that has a title that I feel is more suitable and more up to standard.

On occasions I post and publish with some mistakes and typos included. this is not on purpose but mistakes and typos do find their way onto the published post. I assure folks that I correct and update the posts as soon as I discover any. There are occasions that I miss such mistakes for a little time. But when I am aware of them they are corrected.

In finishing, Please stay safe and take care, also when possible please show a little loving care to those in society who may be in need of a little loving care. A little positive action does make a bigger mark than you will expect.

Until next time Sláinte (Cheers/Good Health)

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4 thoughts on “Seven Days ‘Till Dawn

  1. Your creative composition expressed the fast moments of time. The names of places and things were perfectly positioned for the transitioning. Very well done.

    Liked by 1 person

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