Old Friends

Having spent the past number of days working around a few issues and resolving a few details, that kept me from writing and posting anything to the blog, I return with a sonnet dedicated to that good old friend. Most of us may know that one person who stood by you through all kinds of issues in your life both good and bad. This is a friend whom one would keep close and treasure.

This is the kind of friendship I believe would be worty of a sonnet and deserving of such a poetic creation. Without such friendship, one would be a little more lost and lacking the enrichmentthat such a friend would bring into ones life.

I have written this in sonnet form, but without the style or patterns I have used in past ones. I hope that such a poem does fit what others will see of such a friendship. Whether this friendship on this poem Fiction or fact, It is my hope that it would fit that for some folks who read this post and find that this poem fits someone they know.

Please enjoy!

Photo by Alena Darmel on Pexels.com

Old Friends

Old faithful friend, even now true standing strong,
No song exists or wrong e’er dare belong.
 No birdsong tells your tale or fabled yarn,
As children wandered beyond the barn.

Days of youth tells some truth hidden from charms,
Sound no alarms nor cause any harms.
No use by date stands the time to e’er part,
Charts cannot mark beyond the park to start.

Old friends stand by well founded past days,
No craze can surpass like fields set ablaze.
As night skies shine with fields alight ever true,
Old friends stood a test of time with no crew.

Ponder long or e’er tell tales old friends stand,
Build castles in the sand old friends a brand.

©  Pat Fitzgerald 2023

Thank you for reaching this far into this little post, It is my hope that here you have found a poem that fits into a situation or fits a person in your life, that would help provide a tribute of sorts to them.To provide a tribute of sorts to that silent yet strong friend would provide such a blessing to them. Therefore this poem is one such tribute to such a friendship.

At times when I complete such a post like this one and publish it on thios blog, mistakes and typos find their way into the completed post. But rest assured, I correct and update such posts as soonas I discover such typos or mistakes. Therefore my thanks for understanding such mistakes when they appear.

If you or anyone wishes to post a comment I welcome as per usual, I olny ask that such comments are in a polite manner. This is to provide as positive an environment as possible, whilst striving to avoid causing any insult one may find witin such comments.

In finishing, please stay safe and take care, also try to show a little loving care to those in society who may be in need of such loving care.

Until next time Cheers.

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8 thoughts on “Old Friends

  1. 💜 Wonderful “sonnet” so I Thank YOU!!! “friendly” folksy bard; earlier today I started thinking about “friendship” and reached this conclusion…a “friend” CHOOSES!!! to be Obliged and doesn’t Care about Opinions so Discussion is Simply an Exchange of Opinions and NEVER!!! an ARGUMENT!!! to Influence and Persaude The Other; a friend is there if they are able having the resources to help…in short, a friend is NOT!!! a Convenient Option; a “friend” is a Chosen Obligation unlike Family that ARE Imposed Obligations, UGH!!! at least “friends” can be CHOSEN!!! while Family is Family; at least I am halfway across the world 🌎 from ALL My Family Drama…having said all of that; once a “friend” always a “friend” either Active or Dormant

    nisi mortuus nec neque nolite vicit 🤭🤫🤐



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