Ocean of Love

Traditionally February 14 is seen as a day for lovers, a day where love is shown to someone etc… Fact is I do not believe that Love can be with held for one day, or that on only one day in a year one can only show love to someone. This has always been my argument on this topic of Valentines day etc.

Thus I continued on my trek along a road of Love as Topic in Poetry. on this occasion I have placed this topic in a sonnet. As folks will find a few sub topics as it were are set within this. For example, the lonely at heart, they also can find love or find themselves struck by the fires of love at anytime. Whether one sails the Ocean of Lonliness or the Seas of Heartbreak, Loves fire can be within reach.

Same is regarding age, whether one reaches the years of older life, they also can again be struck by the fires of love. Should they be denied because of judges eyes? Has society got it within them to accept that love strikes anyoneof those reached in this sonnet?

Regardless of belief please enjoy this poem

Photo by Mikhail Nilov on Pexels.com

Ocean of Love

Where the Ocean of desire burns tonight,
Within hearts burning love unite ignite.
Captive to loneliness downcast and lost,
Ships tossed without hope combine at low cost.

Crossing the sea of despair without care,
Storms that strike almost browbeaten I swear.
 Scars thus combine and tells a tale of chains,
Aches that bind second chance saloon with pains.

Time passed by fast, Judges last enquired no sin,
Frowned by one and all too late for loves spin.
Age defies the loving heart ne’er depart,
Compact within lovers eyes fires the heart.

Age old tales deny condemned painted eyes,
Sail the ocean of Love past judges cries.

©  Pat Fitzgerald 2023

Thank you to all who have taken time out to read this post. Topics posted here are mainly for and regarding the poetry that I write. As in this post, that topic is love and when does one place an end line to deny the beauty that in love to impact a life?

If you or anyone wishes to comment on any post, I welcome with an open heart. My only request is that people comment in a polite manner. This is to avoid any insult being taken by any person who visits. Also my aim is to have as positive a page as possible. My thanks for co operation in this part.

As I post and publish a topic /post I often miss typos and mistakes which in turn make it to the published article. rest assured that as I discover such mistakes or typos I correct and update as soon as possible.

In finishing Take care and stay safe, also when possible please show a little loving care to someone in society who may be in need of such loving care at this time.

Until next time Cheers.

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3 thoughts on “Ocean of Love

    1. Thank you. It is sad to see and even to say that it is becomming embedded into people that Love is for that one day a year.. when Love comes from far more than a neatly placed fairy tale. In my opinion a man or woman shouldnever be afraid to show or display love at any day.

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