For much of this week I have been away to deal with or I would be more exact to state that I was away on a family issue that could not be missed. Thus writing and composing my poetry and normal life was placed on hold. On returning my thoughts returned to the Topic of Love.

In my last post I published a post and poem on the topic of what a person who having been under the influence of alcohol to a rather deep end so to speak. But I held back on mentioning this detail on that post, in order to see how folks will find the poem.

This poem today is taking the topic of love to another level. Where one could look at it on a spiritual level, or from a deeper level. Where some remained hidden by words etc and disguised to cloud the clearer picture.

But the aspect of love has become an experiment on how I can write on such in a manner that leaves the reader captured by what they read. Such is my aim in this.

This is my aim these days and it is my hope that it works or is leading this way.

Please Enjoy.

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Past cobble stones where waters flow past fast,
Along tree lines and set stones time will last.
Here as thoughts walk a mile or ten in zones,
Where a wind that picks up cut to the bones.

Almost heavenly visions captured you,
Within fixtures set in stone yet no queue.
To hold footsteps to your side or e’er glide,
Suitors in search of soul mates nought dare hide.

Walking to the beat of my aching heart,
Ne’er possible thus disguise but a start.
None outruns the arrow of loves wee sting,
Pierced for eternal heart ache, yet I sing.

A beauty captured like visions of love,
Traced by memories of sweet desire glove.
Where it began there I became e’er still,
Hypnotized by beauty that begat love.

Wander along the river side to belong,
Feeling lost amongst weeds yet sing your song.
Recalling your love that breathes life to all,
Again I return eager to recall.

©  Pat Fitzgerald 2023 

Thank you for reading this far into this post. At times I never expect folks to complete reading my posts. BUT as writing poetry has become a love of mine, It is an enjoyment to find that some actually complete reading my posts. So My heart felt thanks.

If you or anyone wishes to comment on any post of mine, I welcome with an open heart, but ask that any comment is in a polite manner. I seek to provide as polite and positive page as possible. I will remode any comment that goes beyond this rerquest.

Before finishing please take care and stay safe, also show a little loving care to those about you who may be in need of a little loving care..

I often post with typos and mistakes in the posts, it sadly cannot be helped that such mistakes and typos are included. BUT I do correct and update the moment I discover any such mistake etc.

Until next time Cheers.

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