Vision of Fortune

Whilst the past number of days appeared to be difficult to create enough time to write or post on tis blog, my creative juices as it were seemed to take to flight and ended with this following poem that has taken a couple of days to complete. All due to situations at home that remian outside of any control. Anyways and outside of such situations I continue with this post.

I am tempted to with the usual introduction to this poem, whilst yet state very litte so readers can find that which this poem is really about. What I will actually state is this poem is 100% a creation of my often over active creative mind. I believe that there are those who will find this back story within the poem as it is not very well hidden, yet it stands before within the words of the poem.

The thoughts of mankind (either man or woman or any other) when left to wander can bring to the fore some amazing pieces that will set imagination alight and thus set sail in a sea of creative juices. I used situations I was familiar with from quiet a number of years ago to write this piece. The end result has me feeling rather proud of the end piece. As always when I begin to write a poetic piece over a period of more than one sitting (nights or evening), I struggle to keep the flow going and a lack of patience often impeeds with the flow and other aspects of the poem. I do hope that on this occasion It has worked out pretty well or to the satisfaction of readers.

Please enjoy this poem

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Vision of Fortune

Sitting there gazing at you filled with awe,
Stuck in silence fumbling grasping straw.
I wondered had you fallen from the stars,
Or predestined fortune shone in these bars.

Where glazed opponents from my dreams survived,
Swimming where jars of liquid courage lived.
There the realms of reality combine,
With what could have been, foggy minds align.

How a vision that surpassed all other things,
Confused thoughts now fixed passed all queens and kings.
Nights end wanders by left me question, why?
Opponents ne’er sought out and e’er apply.

Had this vision of fortune clouded me?
And e’er reasons thus combine to agree.
Best will or judgment confused the lonely,
Unsure did reality live only.

Survived by nights like such before alone,
Batten down the hatches wind swept mind thrown.
Lonely nights aligned with liquid courage,
A foggy mind believed set for storage.

©  Pat Fitzgerald 2023

Thank you for reaching this far into this post, I am greatful for those who read these posts and enjoy my little poetry creations. I hope therefore that they are an enjoyment to you and thus up to a standard that fits such poetry.

If you or anyone wishes to post a comment I welcome with an open heart, I only ask that all comments are in a polite manner. Such a request is to avoid causing insult to folks in this age where folks appear to be insulted with so much. It is also a request to try and provide as positive a location as possible.

When posting and publishing these posts, I often publish with Mistakes and typos included in the posts. BUT rest assured I correct and update such posts the moment I discover any mistakes or typos. I am sure folks will understand that at times mistakes will make their way past any editing and keen eyes etc.

In finishing Please take care and stay safe, also show a little loving care to those in society that may need a little loving care.

Until next time Cheers (Sláinte)

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