Experimenting with Photography

In recent years I became interested in doing a little Photography. But not from any particular area, but merely an experimental type situation. Almost resembling art in some people’s eyes. I do not consider myself in any way knowledge in this field. But it has become fun to do such photography with family. I even began learning some techniques from others, namely from my daughters. If any it is good for one to share activities with others, especially with family.

Following is a sample of some of my work done a few years back… very early in my photography attempts, but they show some prospect. 😂

Above was an attempt at displaying different shades and colours in such a selected space.

Above was taken under ground at a restored former military fort. And it showed an attractive photo to take.

This one above showed my attempt at reflections. Kind of cool I thought.

Even the most unused or mundane things can be used in photography.

That is my attempts our at least what I am showing to you at this point. If you have hints, tips or comments..you are most welcome to comment. After all this is one of the more relaxed posts I will make.😂😂

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