Referendums, Divisions and Thoughts

Hi, it’s been a number of weeks since last posting and things have been hectic. Here in Ireland there has been a very divisive referendum on the issue of abortion. Having been unique as a nation Ireland had in it’s constitution a protection both for the unborn child and the mother. But for many liberal groups this was not enough and was seen as going against the rights of a woman.. Thus comes the referendum to remove that protection of the unborn child from the irish constitution.

But as expected this became extremely divisive and such divides was even amongst families.. The issue of abortion will always cause divides. But for the benefit of this blog the topic of abortion will be limited to my personal view. That is abortion is wrong on every front. The killing of an unborn child is ultimate evil…. But such an act also falls into the roads of creating the perfect society… Hitler himself had that drive to create the perfect race. Now with abortion we get people aborting a child because of apparent or suspected disabilities. That is one such act that sickens me to the core.

Why? Because it hits so close to home that it strikes like a stake in my chest.. My youngest child Darren was born with a neurological condition called Microcephaly. Meaning he was born with a stunt in growth and development in his brain. He would have been one such child who would have been earmarked for abortion. Because this so called perfect society sees children like Darren as incompatible with life. My son lived and thought us so much about life and about the wonders of Gods glorious creation. He also thought me so much about unconditional, unbiased Love… yet this society would rather see these children put to death. I know so many people were touched by him and by his being in their presence. This is where issues got more personal for me.

I know that some of my siblings and their families were voting pro choice (ie for abortion laws to change ).. Even though I understand their views and accepted their rights to view and vote as they wished it cut me like a knife… It caused me to feel alone in my quest to make a voice for my late son Darren who had passed at aged of 5 years. Although some 16 years had passed it was and is like it was last week… Therefore my quest to stand for such special needs children on this abortion issue was even more important. And the defeat of the pro life vote and the upcoming change in abortion laws brought with it a deep feeling of failure . I felt that I failed my son… I apologised to my son , with a broken heart.

This feeling of hurt crossed over to how others voted. It hurt me deeply that my extended family voted for something that would have seen the death of children like my son. Even those who I viewed highly, I took offence to, having voted in such manner. I guess in ways it brought reality that my son may be eventually forgotten by everyone else with the exception of Darrens siblings, His mother and myself. I may have caused division within a circle that was small and may not be same again.

But I am one who would stand for my children both in life and death. Nothing can separate the love of a parent from their child.

Even in the midst of depression my love for my children is what keeps me going. It is my love for God that drives me most, yet my children are my very being… a mix of beliefs as it were… But that it such that keeps me going when the black dog bites.

Sadly the division in society over the abortion issue goes beyond mere words, it digs into ones system of beliefs and their faith or lack there of. I hope that s time will come when such bridges will rebuild , but it is never going to be easy. When what I call ” the liberal death machine” is dictating how one believes and acts. Either way may Good help us in our days and months ahead.

So long for now…

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