Attainable or Unattainable

Have you ever wished to journey back in time to change a prior decision, take a different path in life or in some way change the situations that effected such changes within one’s mind? Even the changes in one’s happiness or unhappiness is a very desirable situation.

Many will say “make such changes in your life to gain that happiness” Or something close to that. There is a desire within a person to use the time they have to find that happiness that is desired. There is such an inbuilt desire to gain happiness, almost to the point that it becomes a form of possession.

Today such a desire often becomes divided by their desire for happiness and a complex system of beliefs that keeps them tied to the plain of existence that is their present life. They become compelled to live their lives within the boundaries of their belief system. Thus we return to the issue that is a desire to return in time, in an attempt to find the happiness.

But with this event bring highly impossible, they are left with that desire forever unresolved. But is it fair to say a Desiree for happiness is unattainable for them? Or have they failed to look to what they have or even more so to what they have not yet reached in life? To often a desire for happiness becomes a roundabout in one’s mind and life from which they cannot escape from.

What can they do? Battle with what they have and go through the motions or make such changes within their lives that quill help them find such happiness. Or is their view of happiness somewhat unattainable. This is a topic that needs discussing and exploring even more in the time ahead.

3 thoughts on “Attainable or Unattainable

  1. Great post!!!! My answer to this question of going back to change something is always the same – NEVER!! Because one single change or different step along life’s pathway would deprive me of all the wonderful love and times I’ve shared with my wife of the last 22 years! Easy answer for me! Ha! 😁😍

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