Writing for the sake of writing

Hi, it has been a number of weeks since I made a post… But there could be a wide variety of excuses in which to choose from, Yet would any of them be of any good? I doubt it very much as who cares about any reasons? Or who even cares about any post at all? In the end it is only myself who benefits to begin with..

Writing one’s thoughts, feelings or any type of writing is of great benefit and kind of help when dealing with mental health.. This the first port of call as it were for me it writing something on paper or in the modern age in print. The next port of call is at times reading back on one’s writing , in a way to measure if any difference is made, in one’s mental health on that issue that brings one to write in the first instance. At least it is the case for me. Thus when I state ” who cares?” It begins at home, handle the issue in whatever manner that helps the issue to be moved on beyond the point where one with such mental health like mine, That point being where one focuses on that issue to a point where it causes a down turn on mental health.

Understand my point? No? It is ok! This is one such form of rambling that even I will turn back to in time and ask of myself, ” what the heck was I rambling on about? ”

As always if there are any typos or misspellings etc, please let me know.

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