A Little Poetry

I want to share a little of my Poetry with folks. I have held back for a number of years from letting my writings known. Both for reasons that I would label as a Rebellious learning phase (in terms of my writing) and a lack of confidence in my finished work (if they were of a good enough standard in terms of my feelings on writings) I also believe that each poem could find a variety of meanings for each reader. Each person who reads the poems may be different to the next when they consider what each poem means.

Great the firm flute drinking rush drugs
Over ride reality numbed inconsistent.
Doubt drove risk to extracting vital bugs
That Rust the patterns persistently.

Incoherent musings meant nothing
As though thoughless in a mire of time.
Save doubt doesn’t strengthen clothing
Of the minds mild covering of slime.

Where weathered events left scars
That tightly embroiled unseen caverns.
Where Mellow mystified the bars
Unseen until one again, freedom earns.

Justify junk released features employed.
My misunderstanding had once enjoyed.


Sonnet 1

Go Give Glory where its deserved
Not where one may strive to think.
But to One who died and served
Not for want of Fame without a blink

There stands one strong against the gales
without the deeds of common man beneath.
There solely still silent amongst the nails
The son of Man calls out to bequeath.

Few do carry their cross by Him alone
But walk by rivers overflowing unseen.
Mans own greed his own tithe flowing
to his own demise to him so keen.

So call to Him the Lord of All, seen unseen,
Without The Saviours Light we are but keen.

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