To Rant or Not to Rant



There are personal benefits for my taking to the Blogging world, Most of which are for my sanity….Rather than ramble on about who I am etc etc.. This is where the fun begins…

Mental Health is sadly a topic that successive Governments in Ireland would rather forget about and let lie in the back burner or life. Too costly, too troublesome or just an area they would prefer to let alone… Alas too many lives are effected by this illness that we call the Black Dog…

The term Black Dog is not a slight on the PC world… BUT  a means of explaining in so few words how life can be when living with Mental health issues.. Therefore if one would rather another PC term like Colored Canine etc.. Then you have come to the wrong place..


Being a Father of 4 Children is an adventure of a life time… Taking into accounts all the ups and downs that lays on that road of Life.. I found myself being a proud Dad of 2 girls and 2 boys… I thought that life could not get any better… BUT this adventure at times turned out to be an epic formula for “what happens next?”

My youngest child was born with a neurological condition known as Microcephaly… Having been informed at a relatively early stage that He would never walk or talk etc was a numbing moment in our lives. Yet over the next 5 years we experienced an adventure, a time of great stress and hardship that I for one would never have missed out on.

We discovered a life that many experience in relative silence where a child with special needs, enrich the lives of those about them.  Our son brought us a gentleness and love that goes way beyond words… His death from a rare Viral Meningitis in September 2001 left a huge void in our lives that I am sure may never be filled.

Therefore in a time that abortion is the talk of the moment.. I have to have my few words on this divisive issue… Simply put abortion is the taking of a Life… There is no sweet talking this, no watering down of terms.. Nothing could change the fact that abortion is the taking of a life of an unborn Child.. If we had that same option  back when our son was in the womb, our answer would be swift and clear.. Go To heck… No way would we have taken the child life before he could have a taste of this adventure… To have done that would have meant missing out on the greatest influence in my life…

So think before you vote …. Abortion is the ending of a Life…

Faith is an important part of my life and will in no doubt have more than a few posts on that.. I found God back in March 1990… How could one find God? I hear many saying in jest or other such emotions etc..  But for me it was a discovering that God was and is real and I wanted to have God as a central part in my life… What was the alternative for me?  Mental health issues, Alcohol and feeling worthless?  In the least with god I saw a better future.. and that has been a rolercoaster road… again that is something I would never miss..

Writing has been a means of therapy for me over the years and also will be a pivotal part in this blog I have an interest sadly in political issues and will certainly be an areas that I can and will upset a few people… Other topics will include Photography consisting of my own attempts or that of family…


Overall I aim to find a peace of mind, a stillness of mind, a means where  many thoughts and musings will be placed here to empty the load from an over active mind… If you feel the need, desire etc to keep- up to date with this blog, You are welcome… Please do not be insulted by my thoughts, But be somehow Blessed that any thoughts or experiences may in some fashion help others along this road… Basically If you can follow the train of thoughts in these posts feel free to Spread the word.. The content will not always be in order, BUT will be from the depts of my mind..


Here ends My introduction.










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