As I have discovered many times when sitting down to compose a little poetry, the topic I had in mind to use in the creation never makes it into the poem at all. In fact the poem often takes a turn well away from the path that was intended for the piece in creation. In … Continue reading Curiosity

Ivory Towers

Today as rain again settled on falling over us here again, I sat to write a little poetry. BUT as on occasions before, I had no set topic in which to write on. Thus I began writing to see where this little journey of creating a little poetry would land upon. Below is the end … Continue reading Ivory Towers

Cupid’s Fire

We live in a time when all we do and live by is pretty ,uch determined by what the media decides to place before us. This can be seen with Valentines day, No matter what one's belief may be or what any person decides to believe, so much of it is determined by influence from … Continue reading Cupid’s Fire

Passed 1000 Followers.

It is official This little blog page has passed 1000 followers. For a little blog page that posts my own poetry for the most part is beyond belief that I gained followers that passed 1000. My thanks to one and all for following this little blog and having such insight to stay about.. So This … Continue reading Passed 1000 Followers.

Ocean of Love

Traditionally February 14 is seen as a day for lovers, a day where love is shown to someone etc... Fact is I do not believe that Love can be with held for one day, or that on only one day in a year one can only show love to someone. This has always been my … Continue reading Ocean of Love


For much of this week I have been away to deal with or I would be more exact to state that I was away on a family issue that could not be missed. Thus writing and composing my poetry and normal life was placed on hold. On returning my thoughts returned to the Topic of … Continue reading Visions

Vision of Fortune

Whilst the past number of days appeared to be difficult to create enough time to write or post on tis blog, my creative juices as it were seemed to take to flight and ended with this following poem that has taken a couple of days to complete. All due to situations at home that remian … Continue reading Vision of Fortune


It has become increasingly sad to me that we live in a society that is hell bent of placing Labels on Everything. If one were to have a view then that view best be in agreement with the norm OR one would risk being labelled Crazy Right Wing OR Loony Left Wing. It matters little … Continue reading Labelled


Todays poem has taken a little longer than intended due to weather aided techncal issues, but we yet battle through such issues and continue. Todays poem follows along the same line as the previous poem, which was itself about my home town and the place closest to my heart. But this oneis also an honour … Continue reading Emerald

My Land My Home Not Rome

In the past number of months I wrote a poem dedicated to the town and place I call home. Today I felt the urge to pen a poem (of sorts) That will give a little bit more on the place I call home. But I know too well that those of you who struggle with … Continue reading My Land My Home Not Rome