I Write Because

Recent conversations were asking that question , Why do you write poetry? Or Why are you so keen on poetry? That combined with the usual narrative of “Poetry is dead” OR “Poetry is boring and in the past” etc..

I have heard those very things said in a variety of forms. Yet my reply is the same each time. I write because I like it. I write because it drives from within.

The following Poem seeks to answer that is so many words. Plus also keeping with my desire to both grow as a poet and to continue to transform my writing style from No Form, no style etc to what you see before you.

I Write Because

Seldom silent the voice within,
Rhyming words that brought ease.
For the demon beast may bite again,
The black dog hold will cease.

Writing words for some a tool,
Growth that comes as hidden fire.
A Hidden verse may be uncool,
I learn to grow my true desire.

Living life in poetic disguise,
For Donne's verse it does inspire.
But why The Flea it lives as prize
OR three personed God my Fire.

I write to free the will inside,
Where poetic verse there abide.

Β©Pat Fitzgerald 2021

As always I welcome all feedback and comments. As a poet I strive to continue to grow and learn as I continue in turn to write. Therefore I welcome any remarks that may help in that respect.

Until next time please stay safe.


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12 thoughts on “I Write Because

  1. We write because we want to know why we write. Writing gives us satisfaction, especially poems have power to touch the heart of the reader directly.
    Writing is a big gift to us. We write to stay alive.πŸ‘πŸ‘

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