20 Years

September 9th 2001 is a date that lasts forever in the memories of many. Yet it should be etched into the memories of many more, as a reminder of the great cost, that evil can bring. Yet 20 years on and it sometimes appears to be a distant forgotten memory that some wish they could forget.

Much like the assassination of John F. Kennedy many remember where they were when the news first broke. BUT has anything really changed? Have lessons been learned or has it become a reason for anothers cry.

The following poem is meant to bring to mind such questions. Who remembers still? Has the price been paid? Or does the cost still rise to line the coffins of anothers call. The poem in NOT meant to be an answer OR focus on one point of view or another. BUT to raise questions to recall the cost and ask the questions you feel should be answered? IF ANY.

Ladies View Killarney County Kerry Ireland

20 Years

Sitting silent by the ladies view,
The clouds scattered as the wind blew,
And rustled leaves on the nearby trees
That had me scramble for my keys.

Two decades now they say has passed,
The race was run some finished last.
Twenty years and little has changed,
Or the victors knew and rearranged.

The lines drawn the cost was great,
Stones now mark their given fate.
But who remembers now the price?
Who recalls the roll of the dice?

They played the game another's call 
The innocent and brave faced the fall.
Now many forgot when clocks stopped
Do you remember? Has the penny dropped?

The paths now worn by empty shoes,
The cost now greater for some abuse.
Killing time with empty thoughts waiting,
For the sun to shine on their creation.

Β© Pat Fitzgerald 2021

If you have a comment that you wish to make, Please feel free. BUT I ask that you be gentle and understanding of others and the views of all many never be 100% in agreeing. I must point out one little piece of information, Ladies View is a view point / Vantage point /View point outside of Killarney County Kerry in Ireland and a place where I found useful to gather thoughts.

Thank you for taking time in visiting this post. I do hope that this has been a post that proved useful in some way. Until next time please take care and look out for those in need

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