Ode to Environment Protestors

Have you ever pondered why some protestors became silent? Is it because the health scares of recent years? Has pandemic hype scared them silent? Or has their drive, their desire and their thrist to see it through been full filled? Have they ended their cause with a whimper? Such are the thoughts that envelope todays poem. Where are they today? Why their silence stilled by the storms of pendemic hype.

Or have I seen it full filled without a note? Fear drives people further than any other incident in this world. If that fear is health, then that drives one further than one would realise. If it is environmental! How far dopes it drive Onme such person, IF that topic rides high on their being? This is where todays poem arises. As a poet I seek to raise a thought or a question. On this such topic, whare have you gone? Has it been seen to fullfilled? OR have the feeble minded replies of political governments been enough to quench the thirst for the future you desired.

I hope that you enjoy and find some seeds for thought in this little poem. This has been composed NOT to insult BUT to raise questions that may not be answered.

Thank you for taking time to read this post. As with all my writings I hope that it brings seed for thought or food on which to chew upon. Anything written here has not been done to bring insult or upset to anyone. But to serve as a method where one should question on topics that one often finds themselves invested in.

Has that fire ended or been quenched by the fires and stroms of recent pandemic hype. Or has theose who stood the gap grown weary and gone home? If you have a comment that you wish to make, I welcome such comments. BUT as I always do I remind all to please do so in a polite manner. Because words are the biggest cause for conflict in this world. In ending Please take care, stay safe and try to show a little loving care to one in need at this time.

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