Unseen Dreams

Today I set about to write and compose a piece that has resulted in this poem. That begun the day aiming for a different route to which has resulted. Often when setting to compose the piece being worked on becomes something completely different to that which at first was desired.

This is the very fact with todays poem. I set to write a piece on one topic but found my mind wander and thus the result is a piece which has come from the minefield that is so often my mind when out on one of my walks. When out on a wwalk I often takein various sights etc to eventually form a basis of a poem.

This time appears to have brought a poem that is set somewhere within a mind of creativity. I hope that you enjoy this as well as it could be enjoyed. This one has taken me on a journey in thoughts that has me hoping that people do enjoy it.

Unseen Dreams

Like the mid-morning sun no doubt,
You delight to spread your joy about.
Those who envy stand in silence,
As the scent of your perfume come to dance.

He stands aside and gives a glance,
Where the flowers appear in a trance.
His hope to win your favour fades,
With every passing day in shades.

When the seasons turn to bring a new,
Day to wander by as the skies turn blue.
Lost in a moment when dreams become schemes,
You pass on by he stands again and beams.

Still unnoticed lost in a sea of hope,
He fades to despair on a slippery slope.
Alone he stands lost in his garden of thoughts,
His dreams dance to taunt in lots.

You wander by unnoticed as he brushes past,
His dreams inscribed within did not last.
Blow the candle in the wind then begin,
Another season of life's mystery to win.

 © Pat Fitzgerald 2022

Thank you for taking a few moments to read this post. I hope that you found just a little enjoyment in this poem. At least such is my hope, that one finds even the smallest piece of enjoyment in such poetry.

If you have a comment to make, I welcome as usual and I ask as I always ask, that you do so politely. I ask thatpeople comment in a polite manner because English language has caused more insult than any other language. In a world where a variety of different cultures pass through such sites, I am conscious of any potential insult people may discover.

Until next time, Please take care, stay safe and try show just a little love to one who may be in need of such a loving care.

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4 thoughts on “Unseen Dreams

  1. A very complimentary photo. I love your fragrant subliminal message Pat. You are right, poetry like dreams outlines the anatomy of life. Cheers! 🌺☀️

    Liked by 1 person

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