April Fools

Over the past few days I spent much time thinking over what has become todays poem. But I felt the need to ask. Have you ever awoken into a new day with a mind that felt empty and resembling a foggy morning? One that has you question plans that were set and still ask what plans?

Such were thoughts that had me asking was this my april fools? A strange pattern of thoughts that greeted my day and yet had me sitting to compose what has resulted in todays poem. A pattern of thoughts that appear ill fitting and maybe out of place. BUT this is the joy in poetry, creating something out of what appears to be a maze of mindless thoughts.

As always I do hope that you find some enjoyment in this little creation. OR a recreation of one morning on what was April Fools day. I like to think that on this one moment I found a little something out of nothing and yet also found a little artistic endeavour out of some mindless thoughts.

Photo by Andrew Neel on Pexels.com

April Fools

A Cold breeze brushed past with ease,
But served to awaken me and seize.
The slumber of a once still mind ends,
Like a call to action for a moment amends.

Hands trembling clinging to a hot coffee,
Helps to waken and clear of a mind glossy. 
Like an abyss that served to warm from the chill,
That greeted a new day without thrill.

Fleeting desires dissipated as I sipped,
Gazing out on what awaits the next script.
Blinded for a moment by the sunlight,
Frailty that emotions brings, begins the fight.

Waiting on the day that greets I dared,
Yet should one dare to question plans shared.
Redesign the thought replay the deed,
Like the core of an unwritten creed.

Arise to stroll in the fresh morning air,
I encourage this thoughtless mind to dare.
Change the pattern clear the webs that bind,
These are thoughts that were left behind.

© Pat Fitzgerald 2022

Thank you for taking time to read this post. I hope that some were able to find a little something of which to take away from this. If you have a comment to make I welcome as I always do, BUT as always I remind folks to please be polite in doing so, because as is my belief that english language can so often bring to offend somewhere when a variety of cultures pass through.

But as some may be aware I am often prone to typos and ask that you forgive should you come upon any. I correct and update as soon as I come upon them.

Until next time, please take care and stay safe. Also please show a little love to those in need of a little loving care at this time.

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5 thoughts on “April Fools

  1. This really made me think about how I start my day, the thoughts that accompany my morning coffee alone in the quiet house. I loved the line “clear the webs that bind”-it feels like it’s hinting at so much more.

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