While walking alone I began to ponder on high stats that showed suicide amongst men. I thought of how for generations we men were for the most part to hide or never show certain emotions. Man as a whole have been programmed how to act, and how to be seen or heard.

Todays poem seeks to address this topic in a manner I hope covers best. At the very least it is covered in a manner I could do with the best of my ability. The question as tro the link between men showing emotions etc and suicide is not in question here nor am I addressing such. This is an area I let to those more qualified to discuss.

But I hope at the very least it causes some to ponder if only for a few moments on how we as people are programmed to act or live. If not for the reasons behind this poem or for the topic that is within, I hope that folks enjoy it.

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Sail away through the rivers of dreams,
Where few resemble gentle streams.
As water cascades like unseen tears,
Rapids that are emotions through years.

Explore the uncharted that is man's mind,
Through years we travel roads yet blind.
Seas of emotions left like unexplored lands,
Programmed to avoid and seal like unseen hands.

Walk the sands as tides crash gently caressing, 
Feet that wander free without pressing.
Few have seen storms at sea the violent dance,
That Nature manages no second glance.

We seek to hold the hidden mould without,
Then seek to hide emotions with no shout.
Welcome the strong programmed mild,
Deny the untamed mind that runs wild.

No song writers lyrics can seek to mend,
That man refuse to thread beyond the bend.
Nor poets pen undo what cannot be unwound,
To live emotion free whose king crowned.

© Pat Fitzgerald 2022

Thank you for taking time to read this post, I hope that you found something in which to consider or ponder on. I do not write to judge but to set in some poetic form topics that I feel may eventually find its way7 to help even just one to find a path that aids them in lifes walk.

If you hasve a comment to make or wish to do so, I welcome and as I always do I ask that you do so in a polite manner. Because language can cause so much offence especially when somany cultures pass through this page. Now that I have done my usual be polite type comments, I say Until next time, Please take care and stay safe. Please try to show a little love to those in need at this time.

Please note I often post with typos and as always I correct as soon as I discover any. Thus please forgive any typos that may appear.

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2 thoughts on “Programmed

  1. I have taught suicide intervention for 30 years. I see a connection to unexplored emotions. Feeling, naming, and learning from our emotions is a key skill to building our resilience. Our societal gender constraints don’t seem to help us do that. I applaud your poetic exploration!

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    1. Thank you. This is an area that I have found so much between both. I have also knon of many who passed through suicide whom I believe had their emotions been more freely accepted in society some may have survived.. just my thoughts in the end.


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