A Few Cluttered Thoughts

There are days when I wander through what appears like a mine field of thoughts that often has me wondering what happened. Then there are moments that I find myself going back over memories, often in a creative angle to find gems that could be used for such writings as the one I place here today.

I believe we all have moments that will have us placed in moments that carries us through memories and such are ones I like to use a little of to begin a poetic journey. But much like most writings few remain the way that they began the day out, as mere thoughts that spun in the mind resulting in a poetic creation.

Bringing such writings to an ending that is in this case on this blog, brings a little satisfaction that helps to ease a mind cluttered with thoughts. I hope that you find some enjoyment in reading through this little creation.

Photo by Brett Sayles on Pexels.com

A Few Cluttered Thoughts

Blindly beating dust from a rug,
As my mind wandered like a thug,
From days of old drew me to roam,
Through my old childhood home.

Walking wildly through fields searching,
For childish treasures that left me aching,
To replay but for a moment as rain,
Began to fall leaving me with no gain.

Clearing clutter from crates that lay,
Waiting for a moment to shuffle and weigh.
Like some old memories that took space,
Where they all but won a great race.

Fearless fluttering by wasting time,
Simple tasks completed like a rhyme.
Brewing coffee the mind wandered again,
But for a moment like a passing train.

Blind-sided by moments lost in thoughts,
Little moments now left taking shots.
Captures for a brief spell taking time,
To remind of days spent in a climb. 

© Pat Fitzgerald 2022  

Thank you for taking a little time out of your day to read this post. I hoipe that it leaves you with a few little thoughts or gems that helps you on your way. Or in the least I hope that you found something that leaves you with something that you enjoyed for creation itself.

If you have a comment that you wish to make. I welcome as I always do, But ask that you do so in a polite manner, because words even in writing can cause offence faster than most realise.

If you discover a typo or indeed a few typos or mistakes, I beg forgiveness as I often make mistakes which I correct and update as I discover. Untile the next time Please take care and stay safe. Also I ask that you try to show a little love to someone who is in need of such loving care at this time.

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