Love Without Fear

Sitting in this little room, gazing out at the sunlight brighten up all about, I began to write on something most would love to do with great success. To write on love would be a key to some form of success. At least this is a key I would love to hold. Like some of the great poets of days gone by, who wrote of love with an ability that brought justice and stature to that little thing called love.

This is the topic of todays poem, that little topic called Love. That emotion that stirs a heart to a point that a man loses all sence of reality for a moment. As a dreamer I like to view such an emotion in the best possible light, that does justice for it that takes it beyond that which any movie could do.

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 Love Without Fear

How to voice a hearts desire,
A question for a heavenly choir.
The fire that still burns within,
But where can one begin?

A shout from the highest hill,
Is never enough to pay the bill.
For your love carries beyond,
What any could ever respond.

Standing here and waiting keen,
Wishing for once to fill a scene.
That embraces what my heart can hold,
To forever break the eternal mould.

Tell the night stars that brightly shine,
For your love tastes like fine wine.
I stand to claim with all weighted chains,
And all that runs through my veins.

Still to hear the night owl call,
As I rest weary against a wall.
To declare your love that runs clear,
Yet await the day to love without fear.

© Pat Fitzgerald 2022

Thank you for taking a little time to visit this little blog and read such writing. I hope that you take away a little someting that at the very least brings some little fruit that may lighten up a day.

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Until next time, Please take care, stay safe and Please try show a little loving care for someone who is in need of that little loving care at this time.

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