Wishing Well or Wish Him Well

As I have written of before, I often write of a topic and try to hide it within the lines of a poem. But like todays poem, I often write of a topic and cannot hide very much of that topic and thus it becomes very clear what that said topic or poem is about.

Such is the case with todays poem, One written around a topic that I saw fitting to write on. Yet one cannot hide it enough for readers to discover it for themselves. But still I place todays poem below for folks to read and then decide for themselves, If that said topic is justified.

None the less, It is a poem that I believe that some could very well enjoy. Above all it shows that it does not take very much when finding a topic in which to write on. Anyting can be a topic if one could find the words and all that goes into placing a poem together and result in a finished piece such as the one below.

Photo by Nikita Olshin on Pexels.com

Wishing Well or Wish Him Well

Drop a coin in the well,
Send someone to ring the bell.
Wish for days to turn about,
Pray a cloud can end the drought.

Splitting rocks to pass time,
Increasing loss a hill to climb.
Pay the piper and then some more,
Row the river and lose the oar.

Time ne’er stands for one or all,
Some whose life a storms squall.
With little aid to ease their load,
They wander alone an unseen road.

A lonely road no shared load,
Sitting within their sole abode.
Out of view life's own stew,
Another hill in which to chew.

Who pays the piper and wish him well?
No games to play or deeds to sell.
Liberate the love for fellow kind,
Cease to wander roads thus blind.

©  Pat Fitzgerald 2022

Thank you for taking some time to read this little post. I hope that you find or have found something within this post that has been fruitfull and enjoying, If you wish to comment on this post I welcome. BUT I ask for folks to do so politely thus no one will find insult from comments posted. BUT I do not insist on comments BUT they are welcome and are an encouragement on my trek to improving my writing and my poetry in general.

Until next time please take care and stay safe. Also as I always do I ask that you try to show a little loving cvare to one you feel is in need of a little loving care at this time. Plus I ask for forgiveness if any typos or mistakes are discovered. I do and will correct and update as soonas I discover said mistakes.

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