Your Love

In thinking on what to write about for todays poem, I struggled to even formulate any form of understandable pattern that would usually see the poetry I have placed for view here. But after much debate with myself and a lot of consideration I have found a topic in which to write about.

I know beyond a doubt that there are quiet a number of folks who will kow the topic from the moment of reading this poem. Whilst others may obviously find a topic but may feel disinterested and possibly without opinion in either case.

But as in all poetry what the reader finds andalso feels inspired in some manner is what matters most. Once the reader finds something positive within this poem, then my struggle for todays post will have been worth while. The struggle I had in coming up with todays poem is minor in comparrison to world events etc. But it is what helped formulate todays poem in the end.

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Your Love

No roses bloom that show your love,
No songs ever sung appear from above.
Could ever be enough to justify,
All that you have done my only cry.

The stars in the night skies reflect,
A beauty that sparkles in every aspect.
Unseen by many as if non existent,
In a world that for ever seems resistant.

When no light in the tunnel’s darkest road,
You were silently there to carry a load.
Storm clouds gathering you stood alone,
To help me through I have known.

I wander about fogged up and lonely,
Bewildered by all I see that only,
Wandering free lost to be outside,
The silent veil of man's desire and pride.

Lost the days that had me complete,
With tastes of life that appears so sweet.
Beyond the voices of lost desires saved,
To catch the sweet scent of your presence paved.

© Pat Fitzgerald 2022 

Thank you for taking time to read this post. I hope that this poem was of some enjoyment and that you fouund a little something to take away with you in this little piece. If any one wishes to comment on this post, I welcome as I always will.

But I ask that you do so in a polite manner, This is to avoid any insult that so often happens when people of a variety of cultures visit the same location. And in my op;inion one of the most problematic languages in terms of causing insult can be the engish language.

Until next time Please take care, stay safe and look out for those in need of a little loving care when out on your day to day routines. Finally You may find typos on this or other posts from time to time, but rest assured I correct and update same as soon as I discover any.

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11 thoughts on “Your Love

  1. Thant is a lovely poem. I know how hard the struggle can be sometimes. I have days when words flow so fast I can’t get them down quick enough, and other days my mind is blank. A walk outside normally helps though

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