Battle Scars

So many times when I seek to write, I do so to highlight how some in society struggle and how issues appear to hinder them . I write from the outside, Yet from the mind of those in the midst of the struggle. If you can understand where I come from.

Not all poetry I write are a personal log as it were, but a means of using my over active imagination as I write of issues that strike those whom I meet each day. Sadly not all can walk without struggle or without falling on their walk in life.

I do not intend to insult or cause upset amongst people, But that which I write is my means of working out issues at times. Having said that Please enjoy todays poem.

Battle Scars

The scars from the road in life
That Brings you a little strife.
Battle weary you wander blind
Living life yet only in Kind. 

Living life beneath that cloak,
To shield you your master stroke.
Surviving battle the only aim,
Getting through the day your game.

Confidence worn with fragile mind,
You wander through your day behind.
Lost, alone your feeling guides,
As another busy day subsides.

Know that you are not alone,
When you pass by wind blown.
Your Scars do not define you,
Many will carry your load when blue.

©Pat Fitzgerald 2021

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Thank you for taking time to read this as usual. I thank all who take time to read my writings, which so often are the bones of my inner thoughts on occasions. Until next time please take Care, stay safe and give a helping hand to one who struggles.

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