Real Hero’s Don’t Wear Capes

Having watch events unfold through out the world as many took to streets to reclaim Freedom they believe they should have. I began to ponder on who Many now view as Hero’s. Not ones with capes BUT those who stood the gap for them to live their lives.

Although so many disagree to this stance or view, It is the beauty of living life in a democratic society. Not all may agree but all deserve to be able to have their voice. Thus todays poem is related to this train of thought. That Real Hero’s Don’t Wear Capes.

Real Hero’s may walk amongst you silent going their way. Or they may be a little child who struggled through their days. For me MY Hero was and is my youngest child who struggled for life and we were blessed to have him with us for 5 years. He had profound disabilities and showed how determination could achieve much much more.

Having stated so much here I hope that you enjoy todays poem. If you have any comments to make etc, Please do so in a polite manner. I say that as usual so not to cause insult in a world that words could cause more insult that it is worth.

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Real Hero’s Don't Wear Capes

Real Hero’s don't wear capes,
Who rise in different shapes.
Springing from the dusty ashes,
Of a life that forever crashes.

It comes in the smile of a child,
Who struggled to survive the wild.
Determined to ride the untamed waves,
That life cast to their shores caves.

Real Hero’s don’t wear capes,
They do the tasks that keep shapes.
That carry you through your days,
So your life is without uncaring blaze.

They stand the gap when you can’t,
Your times appear more than you grant.
They shelter your cares provide your needs,
When you cannot see your way from the weeds.

They may keep all things afloat,
Or sweep the streets some wrote.
Or the child with disabled needs that scrapes,
Because real Hero’s don’t wear Capes.

©  Pat Fitzgerald 2022

Thank you for taking time to read this post. I dedicate this poem to all who silently strive to make a difference and those who without care for their own being stand the gap and face the dangers.

There is not much else to write or state other than look about and you will see Real Hero’s are all about you, even in the eyes of the innocent and ailing. Having said that Until next time Please take care and stay safe. Look out for those in need of a little light of love in their life.

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13 thoughts on “Real Hero’s Don’t Wear Capes

      1. Yes, so often they are unseen and unnoticed those who go about their days without being noticed.It could be a child who goes through struggles and inspire few about them OR one who works quietly in the background to make your day a better one.

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